Google Chrome OS

Google announces new operating system based on Google Chrome. the new operating system, aptly named Google Chrome OS, will be an open-source operating system initially geared toward netbooks, Google announced in a blog posting late Tuesday evening. Google claims the new operating system, which should ship on netbooks starting in the second half of next […]

Google removes street images due to privacy complaints

US software giant Google said it had removed several images from its Street View software, which allows web surfers to view parts of 25 British cities, after users raised privacy concerns. Street View displays 360-degree ground-level images captured by roaming cars using digital photography equipment. The cars began taking images last summer, and continue to […]

Windows 7

As Microsoft gets nearer to distributing the “release candidate,” or RC, for Windows 7, the company on Thursday talked up some of the fixes and other changes it plans to incorporate into its final code. But it may have other worries in the meantime. The previous day, one of Microsoft’s hardware partners lent more credence […]

Google Ocean Launched

Google Ocean (, which is included in the newest download version of Google Earth, allows users to explore the high seas with thousands of images of underwater landscapes from volcanoes to sea life. Users can also watch videos, read stories and contribute photos as they explore the ocean. Google Earth, which combines satellite photos, maps […]

Microsoft’s online employment resource

Microsoft Corp on Sunday announced the creation of a website, Elevate America, aimed at improving access to job training tools., provides resources to help individuals gain the technical skills needed for acquiring jobs, the world’s largest software company said. The economy has shed 3.6 million jobs since the recession began in December 2007 with […]