Elements to create Google Ads campaigns

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If you have decided to create Google Ads campaigns, you need to have a series of assets before starting them. Some are essential and others not so much, since they will depend on whether you decide to choose to commission the launch and management of your ads to third parties. The goal in any case, will be to get web traffic as soon as possible.

Being clear about what Google Ads is and what it is for, you will understand that both the management and the chances of success of the ads will depend on these elements. And although depending on the case, the weight will fall on some factors more than others, Google Ads campaigns require a good dose of consistency.

The website or landing page

The first and most necessary thing to create Google Ads campaigns is to have a website with a prepared page or a landing page. Obviously, the ad links will have to be directed to it. The majority of people interested in what you offer them, will visit it to find out.

If you have your own domain and hosting, you can design a specific page of the website to receive visits after the user clicks on the ad. If not, there are a variety of services on the internet that will allow you to create landing pages without too much technical knowledge. Every new Google Ads campaign will need it.

This type of page should be aimed at the user performing a certain action on them. It can consist of filling in a form, making a call or downloading an application among many other things. Of course, argumentative texts and design in general play a very important role.

Ideally, these pages should also be optimized for mobile devices. And that they provide the possibility of implementing codes with which to track the conversion and do remarketing or retargeting. This is undoubtedly something very interesting for Google Ads campaigns at a more advanced level.

Payment method for investment in advertising

Although to create Google Ads campaigns it is possible to make payments through bank transfer, a bank account or systems such as Paypal, the ideal is to have a credit or debit card. Among the advantages of advertising on the internet, this will allow you greater agility. You can choose to allocate a daily limit amount to show your ads for a specified time or set a fixed cost. Any alternative brings a lot of comfort, especially when it is necessary to launch several campaigns.

In the case of carrying out campaigns through third-party services, such as marketing agencies or studies, you can leave it in their hands. The normal thing is that they tell you the way to access your Google user account to enter the necessary data. Another alternative is for them to take care of everything by adding the price of the advertising item to the budget.

Google user account

If you have a more or less clear idea of what a search engine is, you will know that Google’s is the most used in the world. And to create Google Ads campaigns using its advertising platform, you will have to have a Google user account that you already use with any of its services Gmail, Drive, YouTube, Play, etc. …).

In the realm of digital marketing this is important, since Google predominates in the advertising sector. The information shown in the Google Ads panels is very complete and will provide a variety of data about the results of the campaigns. But this account will also allow you to connect other web analytics and data visualization services that you may need later, such as Google Analytics or Google Data Studio for example.

Of course, it is highly recommended to associate specific accounts with specific activities or business models to avoid confusion. The resources that Google uses will create specific codes to facilitate tracking. And this is done by collecting data both through cookies and other systems such as cohort analysis.

The editor for creating Google Ads campaigns

It is a desktop application with a complete editor that Google provides for free. You don’t need to use it, but it makes it easy to create Google Ads campaigns and guess about qualitative and quantitative data.

Spreadsheet application or program

They are not essential, but spreadsheets are very useful for organizing data of all kinds when creating Google Ads campaigns. Specially to do it in a more personalized way and aligned to the activity or business model. They can be used at a stage before the launch of the campaigns in Google Ads and also afterwards.

Thanks to them, listing and filtering keywords on which to bid will be easier. They will help prioritize your search terms. If they are used well, they will help us to include references with annotations about the results. The truth is that we can add as much information and added value as we want in rows and columns.

In the post-launch phases of your campaigns, it’s worth downloading .csv or .xlsx files from Google Ads. They will be very useful to use in Excel, Libre Office or even Google Sheets, since the system also allows the possibility of generating spreadsheets in any Google Drive directory.

We must bear in mind that certain criteria must be established to carry out personalized management. Especially in marketing teams or companies that carry out a variety of campaigns based on profitable business ideas. People who access these resources to make changes must do so under previously established principles, norms and rules.

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