HP Offers Free Comodo Certificates with Servers

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HP.com, a technology solutions provider, announced a free Comodo multi-domain digital certificate with each new MediaSmart Server that makes easier to run a home server like a business.

It avers that with the MediaSmart Server, home-based computer networks can support several different domains. The company says that the free multi-domain certificate reduces the administration needed to integrate the home network with home-based business needs. It explains that making home networks available as websites gives home users the ability to store their media at home but access it online: pictures, videos, music and computer backups. To publish information online, users protect it and control access by setting up a domain, states the company.

It further explains that it offers subdomains to MediaSmart customers free for the first year and for users who want custom domain names, it partners with TZO Corporation to offer them at cost-competitive fees. The company also adds that it ensures MediaSmart owners protect their domains, and it ends the warning messages, by including a free 5-year Comodo SSL certificate with each server.

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