Vacuum reactor

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Vacuum mixers are used to obtain high quality homogeneous liquid or pasty mixtures. When mixing under vacuum, air inclusions are removed from the mixture, the mixture is degassed. This allows food spreads to last twice as long as normal, and non-food casting mixes gain greater density and strength.

Small tabletop or wall mounted vacuum mixers are used as a molding machine for casting in individual (piece) and small batch production. In particular, all dental laboratories, oratorios and jewelry workshops are equipped with them. During the mixing of the components, air is evacuated from the mixing tank, air bubbles are removed from the molding plaster mixture, so that the surface of the plaster models is smooth, without pores.

Such forming vacuum mixers are usually equipped with a built-in vibrating platform, have adjustable mixing speed and vibration, and several automatic mixing modes. All elements of the technological process are fully automated.

Industrial vacuum mixers with a mixing capacity of 100-200 kg are used in the production of artificial stone, such as marble. Mixing under vacuum compacts the molding mass and produces strong, durable products. Such mixers are equipped with a heater for heating the resin, which is part of the molding mass.

High-tech vacuum mixers are used in the food industry for the production of ketchup, mayonnaise, jams and similar pasty products. Furthermore, operation minutes kneading and degassing, they perform the heating operation and cooling the mixture. The design and automation of such mixers allows a very wide variation of the processing parameters of the components; therefore, the same apparatus can be adapted for the production of different products. They are also used in the production of cosmetic, perfumery and pharmaceutical products.

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