Y3 Trainers & Clothing

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Retired footballer Zinedine Zidane is the star of the Spring/Summer 2010 ad campaign for Yohji Yamamoto’s Y3 line for Adidas. Not surprising, considering the designer’s inspiration for the collection is said to have been the way the net moves after a goal is scored. As with most runway-to-reality situations many of the looks that were sent down the catwalk were interesting and conceptual, but not altogether in line with the Y-3 sportswear items that fly off the shelves. These looks included several different styles of mesh pieces paired with loose pants and tailored blazers.

The colours, however, were right on point. With the exception of the rare red or pink piece the large majority of the runaway show featured Y-3’s simple and chic colour staples–white and black. The trademark hues, as well as more traditionally wearable sportswear apparel, were also translated onto the screen for the commercial starring Zidane.

At its core the Y-3 brand is upscale street fashion and is both wearable and chic. While Y3 trainers may be focused on style over function they are still produced by Adidas and quite capable of keeping up with the needs of their modern day customers.

In addition to stylish and wearable running shoes the Y-3 line also offers a variety of apparel–from jackets to pants and t-shirts–as well as accessories like bags and wallets, as well as flip flops that are perfect for the summer months.

Yohji Yamamoto’s Y3 clothing from Adidas has an array of apparel, footwear and accessory choices for the hipster who likes to be comfortable while looking impeccable. Based on a signature palate of black and white the line manages to produce separates that can be worn together or with other items in your wardrobe to produce a chic, laid back look that is more high fashion that loungewear. If the preview below is any indication, we have a lot to look forward to with the new Y-3 line, which will be available this fall.

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